We think insurance, we code AI!

What we do

We build and offer cloud-based AI applications for the insurance ecosystem. Founded by insurance and deep tech experts, DGTAL is automatizing value rich document based activities, which so far require the human interface and delivers them as a SaaS. Our products embody the company's core value proposition: unlocking actionable insights, support informed and data driven decision -making automate the extraction of data, and revolutionize operational processes.
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Our AI Tool Box

DRILLER: Every single claim of your portfolio with AI. Ideal for complete portfolio audits and onboardings. DRILLER Audit: Query your claims and create automated summaries in every language and for every line of business in seconds. Ideal for portfolio due diligences and audits.
GRABBER: Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) to automatically extract data points from any insurance document at scale. Ideal for invoices, contracts, policies, submissions, reinsurance, SLAs etc.
HUSTON: AI powered data extraction and document processing system. Enables a route to automated claims management.
REDACTOR: AI powered redaction of sensitive data within documents that is easy secure and compliant.
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Our technology

DGTAL is a Software-as-a-Service platform in a secured cloud environment with agile adaptors to connect to existing legacy systems.
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