Our clients

Client centricity is not just a nice word. It is a B2B value proposition for everyone who handles claims. But, effectively, our (end) clients are the policyholders who-sooner or later- become claimants. And since they were initially promised trust, care, support, and efficiency in the settlement, this promise must be honoured.

We can help make a difference to those insurers that wish to make a difference for their claimants. That are convinced there is a better way to manage their data and their claims and wish to explore it. That understand that real-time, data-driven decisioning nurtures loyalty and customer satisfaction. That the technology that exists today can break all operational silos and that we must combine AI with human to human engagement & communication.

For them we create solutions. We exist to empower them to honour this promise and lead the future of insurance. And if we thrive, it will be because of them.


5 times value for money
  • 100% accessibility of information in the form of data
  • Review a full portfolio in two weeks instead of months (+10x times faster)
  • Spotting of hidden critical claims with DRILLER
  • Data extraction, automated entity recognition and classification
  • Topic modelling to understand critical info and key drivers of a claim
  • 90% prediction accuracy of over-reserved claims with Severity Score
  • 20% Reduction of operational resources for of all claims
  • 70% prediction accuracy of under-reserved with Severity Score
  • 25% reduction of overall settlement through pro-active management
  • Early identification of claims with high risk of being reopened
  • Faster release of outstanding reserves
  • 6-8% claims management cost savings
  • Significantly reduced response time
  • Reserve accuracy and significant leakage reduction
  • Focus human resources on supervision and communication rather than administrative tasks