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Coin Details


Technical limitation of number of coins
250,000,000 TAL
Cost of 1 TAL
According to exchanges
Payment Methods
According to exchanges
Masternode feature
44 active masternodes
Type of coin
Private, Mineable, PoW
Hashing Algorithm
ASIC resistant NeoScrypt
Road Map


April - June 2017: Project Initiation

  • Business plan preparation
  • Market analysis
  • White paper design
  • Project team allocation
  • Blockchain blueprint development

July - December 2017: MVP completion

  • UK incorporation, company No: 10808555 
  • US incorporation, company No: P17000066786
  • Trade mark registration No: 87558727
  • Cryptocurrency development
  • Development of IT infrastructure
  • Scaling of Mexico farm infrastructure
  • Cryptocurrency blockchain completion
  • Miner development completion
  • CLI cross-platform software completion
  • Testing completion
  • Web site development completion
  • GUI wallet for Windows and Linux completion
  • GUI wallet for MacOS testing

January - Fabruary 2018: Talentum Pre Sale

  • Completion of private cabinet for users
  • Roadshow and presentation of ICO for major investors

March-May 2018: 2 stages of Talentum sale

  • ICO Stage 1
  • ICO Stage 2
  • Insfrastructure upgrade

June - August 2018: Infrastructure upgrade

  • Infrastructure upgrade
  • Investment fund audits

September - December 2018: Listing TAL on exchanges

  • Development of production-ready solutions
  • Listings on exchanges
  • Obtaining banking license
  • Integration of TAL with VISA debit cards

2019: IPO and further expansion

  • IPO on the London Stock Exchange (LSE)
  • Mobile Applications for iOS and Android
  • Integration with new platforms and services


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Talentum represents the right to use the Sintez Global processing center’s capacity, rent-free for 25 years, to accommodate 1 kWatt’s worth of mining equipment power consumption. Talentum owners can use this capacity to accommodate their own miners or to rent it out to other users. Essentially, this is access to professional mining – with an extraordinarily low entrance threshold. Number of tokens required to accommodate one miner depends on its power consumption.

Talentum Features


Talentum based on real business model that is already operational.

The annual dividend for the stakeholders XX% in BTC.

The Talentum ecosystem is extremely diverse which makes it very liquid by its nature.
You are the only person who has access to your investments. 

All coins are located in your decentralized blockchain wallet that exclude any gateway to them by a third party which makes your investments secure.
Untraceable deposits and withdrawals will make your investments inaccessible in all instances. 

No one will know the wallet address from where the coins came from. 

Save your transaction history and keep your balance away from other eyes.
For big investors there are some more unique options to make your money work for you.

Contact us to learn more:
Farhad Nasibov
Telegram: Talentum
Desktop Wallet
An intelligently designed wallet that provides all of the Talentum coin features in one user friendly interface after complete syncronization. The most secured way to store your coins.
Mobile and Web Wallet
The easiest way to store your funds. Manage your money from any device 24/7 using our web wallet. Here you can see your investment dashboard and many additional functions.


Hello, my name is Innokentiy, I am venture capitalist, Founder and CEO at Talentum Project as well as Sintez Global LTD.
Innokentiy Smelskiy
Hello, my name is Alexander, I am Chief Information Officer at Talentum Project as well as Sintez Global LTD.
Aleksandr Zozulia
Chief Information Officer
Hello, my name is Denys Vasylevskyi, I am CTO in Sintez Global LTD as well as CEO at Art Raptors web studio.
Denys Vasylevskyi
Chief Technical Officer
Greetings, my name is Bohdan Novikov, I am Web Developer and blockchain developer currenctly working on Talentum and multiple other blockchain based products.
Bohdan Novikov
Blockchain Expert


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