Our technology

Enhance your legacy systems instead of replacing them. In days, not months.

The DGTAL Platform provides a variety of AI functionalities that can be combined quickly in our different products to generate value for your business. The component based and cloud agnostic solution can run on the cloud or on premises, thus leading to quick integration with existing systems.

Evolving AI models:

Keeping track of the evolving world of AI is a challenging task and at DGTAL we fine tune the most exciting and up-to-date models to:

– OCR scanned documents

– Classify in document types and topics

– Translate

– Ask questions and provide traceable answers

– Summarize

– Anonymize/redact

– Predict severity

A data-based approach:

Data is the basis of all AI based processing. We support you in understanding the full potential of your data environment and selecting the features that make most sense for your business.

Secure GDPG compliant
Pseudo-anonymization model redacts all sensitive data. Software stays local or in cloud.

AWS framework 
– Regular code scans and penetrations tests,
– Silo model for multi tenancy (segregation of data and environments,
– Data encryption,
– Malware detection,
– Security logging

Easy integration via APIs
A variety of the DGTAL platform functionalities are available via simple API calls making importing data and documents, OCR-ing ect. A quick and Straightforward process