Our technology

Enhance your legacy systems instead of replacing them. In days, not months.

DGTAL provides a Software as a Service platform in a secure cloud environment, with agile adaptors to connect to existing legacy infrastructure and business applications

  • Make your data available for your applications
  • Consistent data view
  • Designed for scaling the business, works in batch and steaming fashion
  • Composable and modular data and model layer
  • Release models to your applications on the fly
  • No data silos
  • No need to know your future use cases today

A progressive technology approach

 Our approach
Legacy approach
Business applications

Stateless business applications
Increase scalability & make data processing consistent
Stateful business applications
Scaling and trouble shooting is difficult
and expensive
Self-documented and easily manageable

Complex, not self-evident protocols
Data model

Flexible event-based model
Transactional, immutable ledger
Inflexible data model
Hard coded SQL relational database

Streaming oriented architecture
Unifies all data
Siloed applications
Separated, message-oriented exchange
Cloud native
Fully integrated
On-prem software moved to the cloud
Does not leverage full cloud capabilities
Integration effort

Minimal data transformation neededImplicate big data transformation