Understand the true DNA of an insurance portfolio

DRILLER is an AI-powered application that helps you to uncover hidden patterns and trends in massive amounts of data. Whether you’re dealing with due diligences, claims audits, or any other data-intensive task, DRILLER can help you work faster, smarter, and more efficiently.

  • Create one single source of truth (structured and unstructured data)

  • Segment, prioritize, and flag claims
  • Query, summarize , translate and search your full portfolio
  • Process documents 80% faster
  • Get actionable insights and make data/driven decision

Five distinct value cases

360 view of the portfolio

  • Full searchable documents and claims
  • New data points
  • Detailed understanding of portfolio composition
  • Enhanced actuarial analysis

Prediction of future claims development

  • More accurate reserves and future settlement forecasts
  • Optimising internal resource planning for future claims handling
  • Optimising reserves and potential capital release

Extraction and mining of key data

  • Identification of characters, numbers and sentiment Identification of new claim tags
  • Identification of service providers and counter parties
  • Classification of documents and identification of claim characteristics

Flagging of critical claims

  • Review and prioritization of critical claims that require immediate action
  • Freeing up operational resources

Real time, full scope post M&A portfolio audit

  • Full automated analysis of the portfolio
  • Analysis of the whole portfolio and not only a sample, in matter of days
    Identification of critical claims with artificial intelligence
  • The manual review can be re-focused only on the really critical claims

AI data extraction & document processing.

GRABBER is an AI Intelligent Document Processing tool that specialises in pinpointing and extracting specific pieces of information from documents with

Say goodbye to sifting through endless paperwork. GRABBER pinpoints what you need, fast and flawless, so you can streamline processes and delight customers.

  • AI-powered data extraction & validation

    Forget manual data entry, GRABBER extracts specific information with laser
    focus and down-streams it in a desired structured format.
  • Effortless efficiency

    Straight through processing in seconds.

The road to automated claims management

HUSTON is a collaborative claims handling and AI powered document management system, that supports structured and unstructured data.

Documents are automatically pre-processed and prepared for the claim agent by an artificial intelligence model:

  • Full-text search across all claims and documents.
  • Automated operational workflows supported by AI (e.g. reserve adjustments, payments).
  • Automation of outgoing information (e.g. settlement letter, payment confirmations).
  • Triage Engine for critical documents and claims.

AI Powered redaction of sensitive data within document that is easy, secure & compliant.

  • Effortless Compliance
    Upload PDFs or scans, and our AI magically removes PII and other specified data ensuring GDPR adherence with every share.
  • Uncompromised Security
    Share documents confidentially, knowing sensitive information is permanently anonymised, protecting both you and your clients.