What is DGTAL?

What we do and how we do it.

We are a true InsurTech, bringing together an insurance company and a deep tech company


years hands-on claims management experience


claims analysed so far


claims portfolio analysis in progress in 4 EU countries


docs per day scalable processing ability


experienced professionals in insurance and software development

How we do it

Unlock the full power of clients' own data

Enable fast & efficient claims settlement

Optimize customer journey

DGTAL will be the first AI platform that enables fully automated claims handling

DGTAL is enabling a new era of claims management with an open, AI-driven claims handling platform that can be used by every com-pany in the insurance sector alike to access the data and technology needed to create a fully automated claims handling experience. We are working together with our clients to transform the claims handling experience and deliver substantial benefits such as:
  • Unprecedented clarity and insights from analysing millions of digitized claims, that can enable smarter decisions and reduce claims payments by up to 30%
  • Superior performance in processing large volumes of complex information, which can accelerate the claim handling process by up to 5x.
  • Lower claims handling expenses by reducing the need for a complex IT infrastructure, external service providers and intensive human interaction.