What is DGTAL?

Our value proposition

AI portfolio audits and document processing.

Our software analyzes and efficiently processes unstructured insurance information in documents. Our approach comes from the need of the industry to deeply understand the risk of a portfolio audit and make insightful , data driven decisions. So far, only humans could perform this labor intense, error prone task and it took them months/years to analyze a full claims portfolio, something our software can do in days, irrespective of its size.                

We have created a blue-ocean space for AI-powered audits and portfolio reviews, that facilitates a new way to gear portfolios. DRILLER digs into a claims portfolio, allowing to get unmatched clarity on risk, reserves, capital, claims strategy and make data driven decisions. 

Combined with GRABBER’s AI document processing power, we add immediate document deep dives, automated queries, summaries, translations and free text search, into DRILLER findings. 

This leads to 80-90% faster and more accurate automatic claims settlements, and a cost reduction of up to 40%.